Ad space

Airship for fast brand awareness + cold leads

This is the most important step of every sales funnel. If people don't trust you or you generate no leads, it will bottleneck the whole sales funnel. Using an airship in an event and precise targeting on social media, we can easily leap up to 45 THOUSAND (and more) in traffic generation.

Video script

Videos on social media for warmer leads + trust

Video is how you connect! People are 4x more likely to convert to call to action with a video. Double it if they just recently saw your brand on the airship! Videos generate trust, which is the most important and over looked detail when making a sales funnel. 

Sales funnel

Complete sales funnel for capturing trusting clients

Don't pay thousands for somebody to make a sales funnel for you! We combine the airship with social media marketing (YT is really powerful) for one wholesome sales funnel! Using the airship in symbiosis with a good video sales funnel will generate one boss amount of traffic and a rad leap in sales!

Marketing kit

The whole deal (the package you want)

Put all this together and we create a complete sales funnel WITH the airship. People will remember your ad on the airship significantly better than on other ad spaces. This also creates interest. We can retarget people who saw your ad on the airship and thus will increase your return on your investment

Communication services

Get people connected on festivals

If you're a telecom business, you should consider adding your antennas AND your logo to that airship. It definitely is quite something other than just bringing one super long and stiff pole on the field...

Camera ON airship

Airship for ultra-long shots

Well this is something you simply don't get on a drone. Airship stays up in the air for up to 21600 seconds. That's 6 hours. And it's stable like North-Korea's dictatorship even without the gimbal! (hey I think we should put cheesy comparisons in every section)

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